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Our acreage calculator will quickly tell you how many acres are in an area of land measured in either feet, yards, or meters. An acre is a unit of measurement which directly relates to the square mile and is commonly used to describe the size of a piece of land.

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Related Surface Area Calculator | Volume Calculator. Area is a quantity that describes the size or extent of a two-dimensional figure or shape in a plane. It can be visualized as the amount of paint that would be necessary to cover a surface, and is the two-dimensional counterpart of the one-dimensional length of a curve, and three-dimensional volume of a solid.

Square Feet to Acres Conversion Tool Helps You Easily Calculate Acreage of Your Land.. we have an easy-to-use square feet conversion calculator available on so you can quickly determine the size of your land in acres when you have the square feet value.

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An acre is a measure of land area in Imperial units or U.S. customary units. It is equal to 43 560 square feet, 4840 square yards, or 160 square rods. The precise meaning of this depends on the exact definition adopted for a foot: the international acre is 4 046.856 422 4 m (for the UK, see).

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Measure land area or distance using a map. Go. Save This Measurement Load a Measurement Remove Last Marker Clear Markers. Note: Press and hold the Shift Key then Click to set a marker.. Find Lot Size with Google Maps for iOS and Android

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