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Meet Greg Newton Associates

Greg Newton Associates is a unique collaborative of independent consultants with over 100 cumulative years of technical know-how and hands-on experience. You'll find that Greg Newton Associates' extensive knowledge and analysis spans the depth and breadth of the workforce development industry and activities. The Associates' client list covers the full spectrum of organizations and programs.

The Greg Newton Associates team operates as an "association", while each consultant has their own independent business. For more than 15 years, this team of consultants has worked together to collaborate on services and product development, building on each others' knowledge and experience so that clients benefit from the full Association.

Stay One Step Ahead

Working with Greg Newton Associates, you stay on the pulse of the ever-changing workforce development market. You'll understand what the latest legislative and political changes mean for your organization. With this insight you'll access trends and hidden opportunities, manage change more effectively, and respond more efficiently.

Find Your Solution

  • Highly-rated training that builds relevant skills, knowledge and abilities.
  • Insightful -- yet practical -- consultation on virtually any area of workforce development and dynamic facilitation of your important events and activities.
  • Organizational development from Board membership and leadership to front-line staff recruiting and supervision. Gain strategies that ensure your own human resources and systems are optimally operating.
  • Program design and implementation that is aligned with your strategy, exceeds performance requirements, and meets all of your customers' needs -- adults, dislocated workers and other special populations, youth, and businesses.
  • One stop: system, partners, centers, programs, and service integration and development -- customized from promising practices and featuring innovations that put you in the lead.
  • Effective marketing--planning and promotional materials that position your services as the "first-stop, one-stop" in your community.
  • And much more.

Covering All the Bases

  • Demand-Driven Systems to maximize your return on investments
  • Workforce Board strategic planning, development and operations
  • Business and Employer Strategies, services and marketing
  • One Stop Career Centers: from "clicks to bricks"…integrated customer flow processes and partner teams, productive service delivery strategies, and community outreach
  • WIA and Partner Programs that exceed performance requirements and maximize impact - for business, adult, dislocated worker, and youth customers
  • Staff Development, from on-site reviews to comprehensive training initiatives, build staff capacity to excel at workforce development
  • Organizational Development to strategically align all components of your organization. Successfully manage change and lead your staff, resources, programs and processes into the future.


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