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Training Options to Meet Your Needs

For each trainer on the Greg Newton Associates team, “training” takes on a variety of formats – depending on your needs. From a pithy keynote to 90-minute conference workshops, to classroom sessions and multi-day “institutes”, to large-scale teleconferences and webinars –content is always formulated and customized to your specific audience and objectives.

Innovative and Time-Tested Methods

Maximum impact is achieved through a combination of thought-provoking large group discussions, sharing of promising practices, small group application of ideas, frequent summaries of learning, and action planning.

Customized to Your Objectives

To get you started, there is a sample of seminars and workshops described here--covering a wide range of workforce development topics. And while it is not specified in the description, each session can be modified to fit beginners, those taking next steps to improvement, or those moving on to innovation.

Keep in mind this is a sample of curricula which is customized in a variety of ways to meet your unique requirements. If you don't see a session that fits your objectives, contact us for your solution.

The Greg Newton trainers are known for comprehensive pre-briefings--reviewing any and all relevant information and materials so that recommendations and presentations make it seem like we've been working together for years! Agenda and seminar missions are developed for your approval prior to delivery, and evaluations are conducted to assess the impact, capture ongoing concerns, and continuously improve the curricula.

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