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Marketing for Results

Greg Newton Associates marketing solutions include:

  • Training on marketing topics such as sales and account management
  • Consultation to establish marketing direction and engineer services to most effectively please customers
  • Marketing plans to develop a sound strategic direction
  • Brand strategy and development
  • Marketing materials to effectively communicate with all customer groups

Tap into Greg Newton Associates' capacity for developing forward-thinking concepts and vision for your next marketing project. You gain access to all the services of a traditional advertising agency coupled with decades of workforce marketing know-how. From brand creation and repositioning to creative campaign execution, you can get:

  • Names, logos, and taglines
  • Advertising and promotional plans
  • Brochures and print materials
  • Direct response mail programs
  • Print and electronic newsletters
  • Advertising campaigns and materials
  • Sales presentations
  • And much more

Effective strategies and materials will help you:

  • Reach the customers you need to target to be successful
  • Avoid misdirected messaging and wasting precious marketing dollars
  • Open doors to new relationships with target markets
  • Make the hard work you do a little easier by standardizing and streamlining messages
  • Communicate your commitment to customers
  • Meet your performance indicators

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