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Consultation to Achieve Goals

Each Greg Newton Associate offers consultation services to help customers create just-in-time solutions that address specific workforce challenges. These sessions integrate proven strategies help you improve program, center, and system operations. Because all Greg Newton Associates share best practice ideas, customers can replicate and adapt work that has already been implemented by other workforce systems. Specifically, Associates use facilitation, strategic planning, and design skills to:

  1. Facilitate meeting and planning sessions (e.g., Board strategic planning, youth council planning)
  2. Create planning documents (e.g., Board strategic plans, succession plans, State of the Workforce Reports)
  3. Develop and improve services and service delivery strategies ( e.g., business services, assessment strategies)
  4. Design tools and processes for staff to use to standardize practices for programs, centers, and systems (e.g., customer flow, Business Relationship Toolkit)
  5. Design manuals for internal use (e.g., orientation manuals, policy and procedural manuals) and external use (e.g., Income Growth Strategy for Out-of-School Youth)
  6. Design marketing collateral and marketing plans to increase awareness of services and increase market share

When you hire a Greg Newton Associate you can:

  1. Design your own consultation session to achieve program performance and business outcome measures (e.g. short-term and long-term solutions)
  2. Gain access to the best practices from across the country
  3. Customize tools and resources that are already being used in other parts of the country
  4. Gain knowledgeable resources for the operation of your one-stop system
  5. Tap into a network of national, state, and local alliances
  6. Obtain personalized coaching and mentoring to help you build in-house staff capacity
  7. Gain access to current data, trends, and research to guide your decisions

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  1. Review the Greg Newton Associates' "Solutions at Work," success stories from other systems and providers.
  2. Request a Customized Solution to set up an exploratory conversation with the best-fit consultant.
  3. Contact a specific consultant to explore your specific needs.

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