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WIA and Partner Programs

Local workforce development program providers are faced with a myriad of challenges while developing their local workforce and businesses. The Greg Newton team can help you align any of the partner programs with economic development plans, improve program efficiencies and performance, and maximize your staff's knowledge and skills.

We have solutions for the challenges faced by WIA programs--adult, dislocated workers, and youth as well as solutions for state-run programs--Employment Services, Veterans, Unemployment Insurance, Labor Market Information and more. In addition, we have helped the full scope of other partners find workforce development success: Vocational Rehabilitation, TANF, Older Workers, Job Corps, Adult Education and more.

Act today to improve workforce success for all of your customers - served by any of the programs in your local region. Areas of expertise include program marketing and outreach; recruitment and retention of participants; integrated case management; understanding and meeting performance measures; and innovative service delivery strategies that translate your limited resources to maximum outcomes.

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